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About Welty Church of the Brethren


Sunday Service Start At 10 am 

  • We are "a small church that does big things" for a church of our size
  • We are a church family of about 35 - 40 regular attendees
  • We welcome visitors! We're friendly; never pushy
  • We enjoy working together to live out our faith
  • The Bible is our guidebook, and Jesus is our Guide


Welty Church of The Brethren (Smithsburg, MD)

How it all started...

Our first structure was a meeting house built by John Welty in 1836.

It was a one story stone building of simple design common to the meeting houses of that day, divided by folding doors, allowing one side to be used as a church and one side as a school house. In 1878, the schoolhouse walls began to crumble and it was rebuilt. In 1898, the old stone meeting house gave way and the stones of the original church were dismantled and used as a foundation for a new structure.

We became Welty Church of the Brethren in 1954.
Today, members of the Welty Church still worship in a sanctuary that cost $2700 to build in 1898. It has weathered the changes well.
We still humble ourselves to wash each other's feet just as Jesus did.
We are rooted in studying the Scriptures individually and together as a community.  We rely on the Bible as the guide for our lives.

Although many changes have occurred since we began 183 years ago, our message remains the same:
We simply try to do what Jesus did.  Peacefully. Simply. Together.

Presently, we are a group of approximately 50 members of all ages who share a sense of community, of love, and a deep sense of tradition, while remaining relevant to today's issues and demands.

We are a part of the worldwide denomination of the Church of the Brethren.
We are one of 60 churches within the Mid-Atlantic District.
We are part of the Smithsburg community.

We welcome all who wish to share with in another way of living - the way of Christian discipleship, life in community and fulfillment in service.

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